The “Konzil” (photo credit)

The workshop will take place in Constance, Germany.

It will be held in the “Konzil”, a famous historical building where pope Martin V. was elected during the Council of Constance (1414 – 1418). The “Konzil” is located directly at the lake of Constance, a 2 min walk from the central station.

The workshop program includes oral presentations addressing the following main topics:

  • Metallization fundamentals: insights, limits, understanding
  • Standard metallization techniques: physics and potential
  • Emerging new metallization approaches
  • Future of metallization
  • Metallization and modules: conflicts and solutions?

A lot of room will be given for discussion during the workshop.

All presentations (as pdf-files) are available on the Program page. Papers of selected contributions will be published in citeable proceedings after additional peer-reviewing.